Facilitating early diagnosis of Niemann-Pick type C disease (NP-C) for patients and their families.

Suspect NP-C?

If a patient presents with symptoms related to Niemann-Pick type C disease (NP-C), then you should refer the patient on to a specialist centre for diagnostic testing.1 Confirmation of diagnosis will not only facilitate access to treatment but will also enable patients and their families to seek help and support.1

To find out if a patient is presenting with symptoms related to NP-C, go to Could it be NP-C? for information around how to check for key symptoms of NP-C and downloadable resources for healthcare professionals.

Find expertise in your country

Are you a healthcare professional looking for specialists in NP-C? Using the map below you can search for your local diagnostic centre or patient organisation lead, just enter your location or postcode and press 'search'. If living with NP-C or caring for someone who is, please speak to your healthcare professional so that you can be correctly referred to a diagnostic centre. You can find your local patient organisation for support by using the map below. Please note: the ‘Get Directions’ function will only work if you have entered a valid starting location.

Please note that data collection for the list of diagnostic centres is ongoing and may not be entirely up to date. The information has been sourced from INPDA members and Orphanet. Should you wish to include your centre details on this page or report any inaccuracies, please contact us.


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